Monday, 23 April 2012

Move it March 2012

I'll never say no to a wee trip to London town, especially when dancing is involved. 

Anyone for a wee glass of bubbly or would you rather write your essay?

Both please.........
After a very relaxing journey down to the big smoke I visited my beautiful sister who had just returned from a years world trip.  Was so good to see her and catch up.  

The next morning I headed along to the Generator Hostel to meet the rest of the gang ad off we wet to Move it.  What a massive convention!!! I wasn't expecting the venue to be as big as it was.  The Friday consisted of me wandering around stalls (trying not to but everything in site), watching amazing performances on the main stage and participating in outstanding classes.  That evening we as a group went to see BIlly Elliot,  it is now my favourite musical by far. Loved it.  

Some of the other BA students and I decided to head to the Generator hostel bar afterwards to cause some mischief ad were up the next morning as fresh as daisies!

Saturday was another great day,  this time we were performing at the Showcase Theatre Stage in the afternoon,  was pretty nervous as there were lots of talented dancers around and watching us but I soon forgot about that as sson as I was on the stage. Once again I loved every minute of it.  Did a few more classes in hip hop and did a whacking class.  Whacking is up there with house dance, unfortunately I don't have great arms to whack with.  Aww well.....

The journey home took ten hours on the Sunday and after a night on the town was not my idea of fun.  But it was all worth it.  What an amazing weekend all round, will definitely go back next year.

Can't wait to get back to London town again!!  

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Photo Shoot March 2012


Taking Flight 2012

So, the taking flight tour is over.......  I think that is me just recovered from the week.  It was an absolute amazing experience going to different venues and performing twice a day for a full week.  It is most probably the last time I will do it, so I gave it my all!!!

Day One saw us at Queensferry High School then on to St Gabriels in Presto Pans, there were a few hic-ups with music players, spacings and slippery floors but that is what the tour is for! To give dancers an experience of what it is like touring with a company.  I had my teaching assessment at St Gabriels. I had decided to do a commercial class as the children were quite young which they seemed to enjoy. What a lively class!

On Day Two we were to be at St Augustine's early in the morning, with it being so close we didn't realise that the traffic would be so bad and ended up slightly late, not good! However, the performance was fab!!!  We had a full house and danced our backsides off. There was such a good energy from all the students. Unfortunately I had to see my physio that night as I was in agony, he strapped me up in the hoping that it would take the strain off my back :(

Day three was an extremely early start (just in case we hit traffic like the day before).  We were headed out to Reid Kerr in Paisley. We danced in a studio space with HNC and HND dance students sitting in the front, so there fore we had to perform to the best of our ability as these were potential students of Telford and we were trying to give a good impression.  They were so encouraging as a group and gave great feedback after the question and answer session.

Day four took us to Woodmill High in Dunfermline and then on to Beeslack High School in Penicuik.  Both performances went extremely well and some of my pupils from Dance Pointe Academy saw me perform for the first time.  From speaking to them afterwards they loved the performance and were talking about doing dance after they leave school. Great news.

The last day of the tour was at Broughton High School where we have been working with pupils on a Scottish Ballet project.  I was absolutely shattered and glad to have had the morning off as my back was giving up on me. The mega strong pain killers were taken and off I went, two minutes walk from my flat and I was at the venue!  It was a very nice space to dance in and we gave it our all.  

The weekend saw me go to work and sleep.  Shattered.

Flying Pictures

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Go Dance 2012

Go Dance 2012 was a blast, we were performing at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow along with other dance colleges from Scotland including Reid Kerr, Motherwell, Anniesland and Dance For All. What a great atmosphere.  It was a little strange seeing pupils that I have previously taught dancing along side but was great to see them improve and turn into beautiful young dancers.

I nearly never danced as my broken body was once again broken,  but quite a few pain killers, ibuprofen and deep heat kept the pain away for an hour or so.  

It was the first time we performed Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes on an actual stage and it felt good, is such a powerful piece of choreography which makes me emotional every time I perform it!!!!  

I am currently suffering, but it was worth the blood, sweat and tears to be on the stage doing
what I love doing (let's hope my back gets better for the tour next weeks)!!!  I feel privileged to have been given another chance at my age so I am going to take every opportunity I have and use it to my full potential.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A wee trip to Dundee

What a great day today at the space in Dundee!!!!  Started off with the most inspiring ballet class I have had in years,  the tutor (who could have played a role in bright young things) was so much fun and was more interested in us enjoying the dance and feeling the music.  We also had a live pianist which I forgot how much of a difference this made to a class.

After a great start to the day, there was a show of choreographies from students of Telford, Northumbria and Scottish School of Contemporary,  it was really interesting to see how each college had completely different training and outlook. Such an fun day all round!!!  Was absolutely shattered by the time I got home, but luckily enough I had the evening off teaching which is a rarity. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

BA Tour is nearly here....

BA's Taking Flight  Tour 2012
So, the BA tour is only a few weeks away!!!  We are working mega hard trying to re cast pieces that are going on tour, organise programs, posters, costumes, music, venues and all the rest that goes with it. Busy busy busy!!! Can't wait.....

Tomorrow takes us to Dundee where we will be taking class at The Space and have a choreography sharing.  Meeting at Waverly at 7 am, I'll need to hit the berrocca and coffee to keep me awake,  I think it is going to be really interesting to see the other BA students from Northumbria and The Scottish School of Contemporaries style of choreography and learn how they got to their end process.